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Why You May Not Want To Complete A Data Science Degree In New York

As a student or a current professional working in the interesting world where data and business come together, finding training specific to this discipline can be a challenge. Demand for these professionals in New York or across the country continues to grow each year, and there are never enough trained and qualified individuals to fill the existing vacancies.

Most people have to consider the pros and cons of two options. These include completing a data science degree or completing an intensive certificate program on data analysis. At RSquare Edge, we have a unique approach to providing the certificate program option, and it is one we believe has many advantages over a full degree program.

Cost of the Program

As our CDAP or Certified Data Analytics Practitioner program is completed in 12 weeks rather than two, three or four years, the cost of the program is significantly less. Additionally, for those who are traveling to attend the program, the shorter duration cuts the cost of living away from home, which is another benefit to consider.

We work with a wide range of different students for our program, and you do not have to have a computer science degree. We do require an undergraduate degree or a more advanced degree, but it can be in many different areas including business, humanities, science and other disciplines.

Time Factor

With a full data science degree, you will not be able to start looking for employment until the last few months of the final term of the degree program. On the other hand, we arrange job fairs and opportunities for our students to interact with companies of all types looking for professionals in analytics.

Many of our students have employment upon graduation if not before. With our reputation in the New York area, businesses are eager to attend our events, limiting the time it takes to find employment after completion of the certificate.

Difference in Job Opportunities

At RSquare Edge, we work with leading business experts and professionals from a very diverse group of industries. This is very different than a university or college program that has a more set curriculum that may not reflect the current demands of the people that are hiring.

With our RSquare Edge CDAP advantage, we believe that most graduates and currently professionals don’t need a full data science degree, they just need the intensive, short-duration training we offer.