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What To Know About Getting A Data Science Degree In New York

Data science is a rapidly growing field, with a shortage of qualified individuals to fill available job positions. This isn’t a position that you can learn on the job, and requires a lot instruction in order to gain the skills data scientists need to succeed in their careers. Obtaining a data science degree from a reputable institution is one of the best ways to get the knowledge you need in order to break into this high-demand field. Here is a list of things to keep in mind if you’re wondering what to know about getting a data science degree in New York.

Data Science Is A Multidisciplinary Study

Data science is a sort of marriage between computer science and statistics, making it a field where having vast multidisciplinary knowledge a huge asset. It’s important to find a school that weighs each aspect of data science equally. There is a danger in focusing too much on the computer science part, ignoring the practical aspects statistics can bring, or focusing too much on a strictly statistical approach. Within both of these fields there are a number of sub-disciplines that are also important to learn, making it a very wide field. Students need to be prepared to learn and apply their knowledge quickly. Schools such as RSquare Edge are able to present students with the information they need about each of these fields.

Pay Attention To Who Is Teaching The Courses

Some schools, such as RSquare Edge, hire individuals who are already successfully employed as data scientists to teach their courses. Their instructors are highly educated, highly qualified, and able to teach practical skills from the prospective of someone who has been working in the field for a number of years. They can also become valuable contacts, as their connections in the field may extend far. Be wary of course not taught by anyone who has any recognizable achievement in data science, and instead focus your search on schools that can give you relevant information.

Learn A Variety Of Skills

In today’s marketplace, employers are looking for data scientists who also possess a number of so-called “soft skills”. These skills include project management, team management, consulting and meeting with clients, and creative but practical problem solving. While there are no courses that teach these skills directly, when you are choosing your degree provider keep in mind that these are qualities that would give you a huge edge in the job market, and are important to learn.