Get Ahead with Big Data Training in New York

by | Jun 9, 2016 | Courses

Big data is something you might have heard of. Maybe it’s something that you associate with wild-haired scientists and arcane Internet start-ups from Silicon Valley. Or maybe you think of it in relation to giant social media companies looking for ways to advertise more efficiently.

Big data represents the growth of the web and the role that the collection and analysis of information plays in our lives. In this increasingly connected world, companies collect mountains of data every time they interact with clients and customers. This data doesn’t just sit in a drawer somewhere, though. It is analyzed by statisticians, data scientists and highly skilled employees with cross-directional skill-sets in big data training. Increasingly, year by year, data is being mined and analyzed for a variety of reasons, including advertising and business metrics, cross-matching personal data, and finding important trends and patterns.

The Importance of Taming Data

Data mining is something that is often misunderstood by the majority of people. Often it is associated with spying on customer shopping habits or sneaking around in personal data for other nefarious purposes. But the truth is that data mining begins with client and customer interaction in the context of a highly connected world. All of that data, however miniscule, ends up in databases and in log files. This is the point at which our big data training in New York at RSquare Edge is essential to the future of your job prospects and the continued growth of forward-thinking companies.

Data mining itself includes the following primary activities:

* The extraction of data by data specialists and data managers with big data training and training in analytics
* The storage of data in databases
* Provision of data to data analysts and other information professionals
* Analysis of the data using specialized software
  * Presentation of useful data in a format that can be read and interpreted by others, often taking the form of spreadsheets or  graphs

Useful Information from Data

Big data training allows skilled professionals to extract and analyze data to predict and discover useful trends in consumer behavior, and allows businesses and companies to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. This means that as the pace of technological change continues to increase, and as more and more data is collected, there will be an ongoing call for highly trained graduates.

As the world reeled from the global financial crisis, data science remained a strong growth sector, and the demand for skilled employees worldwide means that our graduates are well positioned to take advantage of this sector. In fact, employment figures in big data and data analytics have grown immensely in just the past six years, and RSquare Edge is at the forefront of training the next wave of highly skilled employees.

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