How Las Vegas History Teachers Can Handle Difficult Subjects

by | May 13, 2021 | Career and Education

Any teacher who specializes in history knows that there are many fun events from the past that can be a joy to teach to students for the first time. However, history is not all sunshine and rainbows. Adults understand that there were many dark periods in the past, like the Holocaust, wherein unspeakable horrors occurred. However, these tragic historical events can be hard to teach to kids for the first time. Here’s how Las Vegas educators can handle this challenge.

Know Your School’s Policy

Many schools have a written policy on how difficult subject matter is supposed to be handled within the classroom. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with these policies. For example, you might need permission from a child’s parent or guardian before showing certain imagery or films.

Be Serious But Open

The prospect of

teaching the Holocaust to high schoolers can be intimidating. It’s important that you emphasize to your students that this subject matter requires a certain seriousness. However, you should be open to all of your students’ questions when they are learning about something so dark and tragic for the first time. These lessons can be intimidating for the kids as well, so it’s important to keep an open ear and address any questions as they arise.

Teaching the Holocaust to high schoolers is a daunting task indeed. For more information about a guided curriculum that can help to make this task a bit less intimidating, visit Zachor Holocaust Curriculum at Remember, no matter how difficult these subjects are to tackle, it’s crucial that the next generation receives a thorough education in the events of the past.

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