Why Teaching About the Holocaust Is So Important

by | Jun 11, 2021 | Career and Education

Some people may believe that since the Holocaust happened so long ago, it is no longer as important to teach it to students. However, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, perhaps now more than ever, there is a dire need to inform those who don’t know what happened and our future generations. Here are some of the reasons why Holocaust memorials in the United States are an important part of our society.

Demonstrations of Fragility

Even at their strongest, societies are still social constructs that are fragile in nature. By teaching about how the Holocaust took place, students learn about why it is so important to continue protecting the rights and the safety of all the citizens of the world. It also shows how, ultimately, leaders in a specific region or country are responsible for what happens within its boundaries.

Spotlight On Behavior

By visiting Holocaust memorials in the United States, people can see how there is a natural human tendency to blame others for their problems and to try and overly simplify problems that are inherently complex in nature.

Shows Dangers Of Prejudice

The dangers of racism and prejudice should always be known, but during these most recent times, they are especially needed to be taught to those who may be most prone to fall to the temptation of hatred. These negative feelings have a tendency to snowball and build into bigger issues, the Holocaust is the greatest lesson of that. By visiting these memorials we can learn from the world’s mistakes and turn those lesson into a brighten future.

If you are wondering how you can teach people about the Holocaust and all it entails, contact zachorfoundation.org at https://www.zachorfoundation.org. They will let you know how you can be of service.

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