Teachings to Alert New Generations in Hopes the Horror Never Happens Again

by | May 12, 2021 | Career and Education

The Zachor Remembrance Foundation was started by Ben Lesser, a survivor of the atrocities of the Holocaust. His hope is that future generations will learn from the past. The foundation is based on Zachor, the Hebrew word for remember and is dedicated to preserving the memories of the Holocaust.

Remembrance is Key

The adage about reliving history if nothing is learned is seldom more important than when it comes to the Holocaust. Ben Lesser was just a teenager when he suffered five years at the hands of Nazi tormenters. He and his sister escaped to the United States to build new lives for themselves. Never would they forget the loved ones left behind or the trauma that would stay with them forever. Ben has dedicated his life to Holocaust remembrance, teaching future generations, and creating a world with more peace and tolerance.

What the Foundation Offers

The foundation collects and preserves stories from survivors of the Holocaust which allows others to learn history from those who lived through it. Hearing the stories of survivors makes the horrific events of the Holocaust easier to understand. Holocaust remembrance is a gift and important factor in ensuring we never repeat the events that took place.

The foundation compares the Holocaust to events of today with the racism and genocide that goes on around the world. Ben Lesser’s life was miraculously saved so that he could pass along the stories of bravery and determination of others who were different, caught amidst the racism and hatred of the Nazis.

Learn from Zachor

Reach out to the Zachor Holocaust Remembrance Foundation https://www.zachorfoundation.org to learn how you can help remember. All are welcome to join in hopes that together a kinder, more peaceful, and more tolerant world will come to be.

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