The Benefits of Learning About The Holocaust With Online Courses

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Career and Education

Studying history is vital to gaining a perspective of current and future events. This is especially important when looking at things that occurred in history that affected the whole world, like WWII.

Understanding The Scope of WWII And the Holocaust

WWII was one of the most profound events in human history. It submerged large swaths of the globe into a conflict that had the most far-reaching effects on humanity ever recorded, and the plight of those affected by the Holocaust was staggering.

The death toll of WWII stands at an estimated 70,000,000 people, including service members, civilians, and nearly 7 million Jewish people, making it the world’s most catastrophic war. It had impacts on almost every continent, with battles being fought throughout Europe, Russia, Africa, Asia, and America’s pacific edges.

Holocaust Online Courses

One of the most significant impacts of the war was the Holocaust which impacted Jewish people across the globe. Beyond the staggering death toll of Jewish people, tens of millions of Jews survived the horrors of Hitler’s regime through displacement, imprisonment in concentration camps, and loss of loved ones. While there is no shortage of tragedy around the Holocaust, it is also noted as one of history’s most powerful instances of people rising above evil with resilience and compassion.

For people who are looking to learn more about the global impacts of the Holocaust, accessing comprehensive Holocaust online courses can be an excellent resource. You can learn more about a great series of available Holocaust online courses from ZACHOR Holocaust Curriculum at This platform uses the first-hand experiences of Holocaust Survivor Ben Lesser with free resources and an interactive teaching tool that focuses on the World War II genocide of the European Jews.

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