Ideas of Activities You Can Do During Holocaust Memorial Days

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Career and Education

Holocaust Memorial Day is a day of remembrance and reflection. To help you remember, here’s a list of activities you can do on Holocaust Remembrance Day that will help you understand what happened during the Holocaust.

Life Stories

If you’re looking for an activity to do on Holocaust Memorial Days, life stories are a great choice. Life stories are a way for you to understand the experience of those who went through the Holocaust.

You could listen to life stories from survivors and victims yourself or find videos online or on social media.


Films are a great resource! They are like an escape from reality—they take you away from your experiences and put you in someone else’s shoes. Movies can help you understand other people’s experiences better than any textbook. So if you’re looking for something new to do on Holocaust Memorial Day, try watching a film instead.


Another activity to do during Holocaust Remembrance Day is read a poem. Poems are a great way to express emotions and experiences. You can find poems online or on social media, which are easy to access and read. They allow people to express themselves in a way they may not be able to do in everyday life.

It is essential to do an activity commemorating those lost during the Holocaust. If you’re looking for activities to do on Holocaust Memorial Days, watch films that show people’s actual experiences, or listen to life stories of those who experienced the Holocaust.

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