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Remembering the Lives of Jewish Victims During the Holocaus

Brief Background on the Holocaust

During World War II, the Germans and their allies committed various atrocities against the Jewish people of Europe and Russia. Driven by anti-semitic Nazi beliefs, the Holocaust refers to a series of deadly events involving Jews from dozens of nations. Plenty of Jewish communities were destroyed by the SS and other special military divisions from the Nazi regime. Some Jews were also contained in ghettos during the war. However, most European Jews eventually ended up in concentration camps in Germany and Poland. Millions of Jews were forced into these massive complexes that had gas chambers and crematories. Some of the prisoners died of natural causes because of the extremely difficult living conditions. The United States and Soviet Union armies eventually liberated most of the concentration camps at the end of World War II. Unfortunately, nearly 6 million Jews perished in the Holocaust by the time any help arrived.

Never Forget the Holocaust

The Holocaust Remembrance Day pays tribute to one of the most poignant events of the 20th century. Observed on the 27th of January worldwide, this day honors the Jewish victims who died in the genocide that was carried out by the Nazis. When you observe Holocaust Remembrance Day, you could listen to stories from survivors and military troops who liberated the concentration camps. You should also learn about anti-semitism, which was the root cause of such a horrific tragedy.

Visit the ZACHOR Holocaust Remembrance Foundation at for more educational material on the Holocaust.