Can Businesses Take Advantage of Eversource’s Connecticut Battery Rebate?

by | Oct 20, 2020 | Solar Panels

Eversource offered a battery rebate program to Connecticut residents and businesses for utilizing less energy when others are using more. This helps reduce carbon emissions and strain on the electric grid while providing you with valuable incentives. Let’s discuss how simple participation in this program can further help businesses.

What is the Eversource’s Demand Response Program

Most solar panels tend to produce more energy than needed. For this reason, Eversource introduced a program for its customers to collect this surplus energy. This program aims to provide credit to customers who maximize energy savings to maintain reliable electricity throughout Connecticut.

The Eversource Demand Response Program provides rebates for excess energy they gather from your battery. This indicates that the more power you generate, the higher credit you can receive.

How it Works

This program is available to residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial businesses served by Eversource. You can apply for two seasons to qualify, namely summer and winter. There will be ‘events’ throughout these seasons when Eversource collects energy for a short period. This usually happens when the electricity consumption is at its peak, between 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM. The duration of the collection lasts for at least three hours per event.

Summer events occur from June 1 to September 30, with a frequency of 30-60 events. Meanwhile, winter events occur sometime around December 1 to March 31, comprising only five occasions. Sonnen, Generac, and Tesla are the qualified battery manufacturers that can be eligible for this program.

As mentioned, the earnings depend on the amount of power generated throughout the events. There is no fixed amount of profits as they are calculated through the average kilowatt Eversource utilizes at a time. Establishments that contribute as low as 5 kilowatts per event can earn sufficient savings. Participation in this program can provide $1,125 for the summer season and $250 for the winter season.

Benefits of Using Solar Battery in Business

Now that you know about the program let’s explore how it can benefit your business.

Maximize Payments for Recurring Revenue

Simple participation in this program can provide businesses with a recurring revenue stream and valuable passive income. Eversource can manage your involvement from start to finish, making sure you receive all the benefits. This means participation isn’t a hassle, and you don’t have to hire additional people to monitor your progress.

Explore Your Energy Usage

This program serves as an opportunity to track the energy usage trends of your business. Not only can you minimize utility costs, but also obtain a closer look into your operations.

Reduce Peak Demand Charges

Connecticut imposes Time-of-Use (TOU) rates in conjunction with the electricity rates to encourage people to conserve electricity during times of peak demand. Thus, your participation in this program can be passed through your electricity bill. Reducing the load for the program can help minimize these hefty charges.

Using a Solar Battery for Personal Use

You can still use your solar battery for your own energy needs as well. Eversource only gathers excess energy from your battery, which means you can always utilize it when needed. Solar batteries come in handy when your solar panels cannot generate enough energy to power your entire operations. This shortage can often happen during power outages, inclement weather conditions, and defects on your equipment.

For more information, please go to Green Power Energy.

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