3 Simple and Easy Steps for How You Can Become a Textile Designer

by | Jul 2, 2020 | Education

If you love fashion, design, and making the clothes and fabrics you dream come to life, then a career in textile design could just be the absolutely perfect choice for you. However, pursuing a career of this type takes more than just that innate talent you have for color, design, and mixing and matching outfits. To help you make your dreams a reality, we’ve put together the following guide about how you can become a textile designer.

Fashion and Design School

To build your skill set and knowledge about design, you need to go to school and earn a bachelor’s degree in a field such as textile design, fashion, or even graphic design. In these types of degree programs, you will take textile design courses that will cover such topics as woven design, knitwear, design history, and computer software used for design.

Design Experience

Gaining real-world experience in the textile design field is super important. Most designers start off as assistants to more seasoned designers and then work their way up. While you are in school or when you have just graduated, you want to look for internship opportunities. That way, you get your foot in the door and learn professional skills.

Further Education

Once you have gained some experience, you may consider earning a master’s degree in textile design. You take more textile design courses and specialize in your area of interest.

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