Why It’s Helpful to Have a Resume Writing Guide in Philadelphia, PA

by | May 12, 2016 | Career and Education

If you’ve ever heard the expression “It pays to make a good impression,” you’ll understand why a resume is so important when looking for a job. This is usually the first way that a potential employer learns about a candidate for a job and, if it doesn’t result in a good first impression, reading the resume may be the last time the employer thinks of the candidate. Having a Resume Writing Guide in Philadelphia PA may be useful for a number of reasons.

Make an Impact

Employers don’t spend much time actually reading resumes, so a properly designed resume is essential so that the few seconds an employer spends looking at it draws their attention and prompts them to want to find out more about a candidate. The resume needs to contain the right information to make it stand out without containing a lot of unnecessary info.

Avoid Typical Mistakes

Using a Resume Writing Guide in Philadelphia PA can help a person avoid typical mistakes people sometimes make. These include things like putting incorrect information on the resume in an effort to hide less-than-favorable information, such as unemployment, being fired from a previous position, or a less-than-stellar academic career. They can also include overstating qualifications and making a position seem more important than it really was. Employers do background checks and will discover these mistakes. Also, overinflated skills will be discovered once you’re on the job and could result in a person getting fired for providing incorrect information during the hiring process. Other common mistakes include using the wrong format, too small of a font, or a resume that’s too long.

Learn About the Pros and Cons of Different Types of Resumes

A resume guide will also help a candidate determine which is the best type of resume to write given his situation. For example, in some situations, a chronological resume won’t do a candidate’s experience justice and highlight the skills necessary for the job in question. This is especially true when a person is trying to change careers or has a lot of unrelated past jobs. Regardless, it’s important to make sure that a candidate’s education, skills, work experience, and contact information are easily found on the resume.

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