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Where to Get Social Emotional Learning Activities For Elementary in the US

Social Emotional Learning Activities for Elementary

Nowadays, students must face a variety of stressors, and these can make life difficult. Fortunately, they will learn valuable skills by attending SEL lessons. Since the lesson plans use evidence-based methods, kids will internalize the knowledge. As a result, they develop skills needed to encourage wellbeing, motivation, and hope.

SEL for Elementary Students

Each online lesson incorporates five core concepts. These include the following:

  1. Self-identity
  1. Motivation and habits
  1. Inner coach
  1. Emotional regulation
  1. Community

Students cultivate an inner coach by developing these skills, creating healthy perspectives. This approach will carry them through life’s challenges, and it helps with obstacles.

SEL for Middle and High School students

Once students have progressed beyond elementary school, they may need additional support. They can access tier 2 SEL support in middle and high school, which features 1:1 coaching.

When going through the day, students get time to reflect. Also, teachers are trained to build student resilience and identify strengths.

Data-Driven Tier 1 and Tier 2 SEL

A tier 1 solution uses a turnkey curriculum so that any instructors can begin giving lessons. Furthermore, the daily exercises are designed using evidence-based techniques that encourage student development.

Struggling students may need added support, and that is when tier 2 lessons are useful. These involved 1:1 coaching to further encourage student development and resilience. Choose from either a 6- or 12-week program, and students will work on four areas. They get to train on personal, emotional, social, and academic goals during the course.