What To Look For In An MBBS In The United States

by | Aug 25, 2020 | Education

Earning an MBBS in the USA is a critical consideration for many students interested in pursuing a career in medicine. As a student, having the ability to complete training at an accredited university while also participating in true clinical rotations from an ACGME approved, US-based hospital is a central factor in choosing an MBBS in USA.

In addition to providing clinical rotations, as opposed to the observerships offered by many international universities, the rotations must also be in Green Book approved facility. This means the hospital has a specialization in that area and is also a teaching hospital. Ensuring the university or MBBS program under consideration offers a US-based clinical rotation should be a priority when selecting a program.

Student Support and Services

Not all foreign universities offering an MBBS in USA are designed with student support and care in mind. There are some universities that use exclusive advisory services to assist the students and families with all aspects of admission, academics, and even to assist in planning and facilitating residency programs.

Admissions advisors and those that work to provide student services and support throughout the program of study create a welcoming, safe, and comfortable environment for the students. The help in designing activities and events, developing a robust opportunity for students to be involved in the campus and the community, and encourage students to challenge themselves throughout their training.

Universities should also have a proven record of placement for graduates into US PG programs. They should also provide information on graduate placement to provide a clear picture of what prospective students can expect after graduation.

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