The Benefits of Data Science Boot Camp in New York

by | Feb 5, 2016 | Career and Education

If you are studying data science, you have many good things to look forward to in the future. Data analysis, big data, and data science are three powerful things to emerge from the information technology age, and the individual smart enough to get into these fields should have no problem finding work. A degree in the right subjects is important and many are finding a great deal of assistance with a data science boot camp in New York like the 12 week certification course offered by RSquare Edge. In fact, there are many benefits to these training courses.

What is Boot Camp?

You might associate boot camp with the military, because they have been offering this kind of training for decades. You are provided with intensive training to help you learn a set of specific skills, and this is usually done in weeks, instead of years. This is the purpose behind job skill boot camps.

Around the Right People

Those who enroll in a data science boot camp in New York are highly motivated. In other words, they are not attending classes just to get credits towards graduation. These people are there to learn skills which they can apply to the real world and skills designed to help them excel at their jobs. Everyone attending with you is there to learn and together you can enhance the education process.

In addition to motivated students, you will have the advantage of motivated instructors for each course. RSquare Edge has experienced faculty there to teach you the necessary skills to succeed. They are highly qualified and come from top educational and business facilities. Our people are not in this for the money. They have a desire to help others and it shows in everything they do.

Help Choosing the Right Subjects

It can be difficult to choose the right things to study for your career in data analysis. This is why we are there with professional guidance and mentorship to help you select the training and skills which provide you with the greatest benefits. This kind of assistance is just as valuable as the training itself.

After Graduation

By the time you finish your data science boot camp in New York you may already have a job offer. We begin the process of recruitment on the very first day of your training and have access to a number of industries both large and small. Your next job could be full of excitement and rewards and we are there to help you take your career to the next step.

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