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Online High School Home Schooling and College Preparation in Tallahassee FL

While distance learning has become the standard, a growing number of parents have identified inherent problems. In addition to health concerns, some parents have had doubts about the efficacy of their school district’s virtual learning schedules and the required extended screen time and opted instead for a home-based high school education.

An Exceptional Online Academic Experience

A fully-accredited online homeschool curriculum for high school program offers an exceptional academic opportunity for 9-12 students. Students can take college preparatory courses or have the potential to take honor’s classes. Students also have the option to earn both high school and college credit with dual enrollment.

Online High School and Preparatory Education

By working with teachers in an accredited college preparatory program, students can prepare for college or a career. Online availability of all courses at any day or time also allows individualized planning of daily schedules.

Fully Accredited

The courses have full accreditation by the Middle State Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools, Cognia and the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools. The program maintains all records and keeps report cards and high school transcripts on hand. And optional annual testing is available to meet state requirements where needed.

NCAA Approved

The program’s core courses have NCAA approval allowing graduates to meet initial requirements for academic eligibility. The Path to Graduation begins at ninth grade and plans out the four-year homeschool curriculum for high school, thus providing an overview of necessary courses to take along with available electives to meet requirements for graduation.

Ready for High School Enrollment Now

The high school admissions office will assist with enrollment and the integration of previous school records while providing continuous updates on records requests and plan applications. Enroll now by calling us.