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Guide to Ceramics Masters Programs

Ceramics Masters Programs at SAIC School of the Art Institute Chicago (SAIC) offers an opportunity to complete a Ceramic Masters Program to enhance education for careers in the ceramic arts.

There is a broad range of career opportunities for individuals with a Masters in ceramics. The advantage to additional studies in the fine art of ceramics is personal achievement and a higher salary in the fine arts world.

SAIC – Top Choice for a Career in Ceramics
SAIC is nationally recognized for its comprehensive curriculum in a variety of study programs. SAIC is ranked a top U.S. institute of higher learning.

SAIC’s most notable graduates include, but are not limited to:

. Orson Welles
. Georgia O’Keefe
. Grant Wood
. Shel Silverstein
. Jim Nutt
. Ed Paschke

SAIC Course of Study for Ceramics Masters Programs

The Ceramics Masters Programs at SAIC includes free bulk materials for limitless experiments in the ceramics medium.

Masters programs focus studies in contemporary ceramics, exploring uses of studio pottery, clay, and sculpture as well as providing fluidity across the spectrum of ceramic materials.

Studies also encourage experimentation so individuals benefit from the fine art of ceramics for sculptural works as well as studio pottery.

For Masters students, this results in maintaining studies in ceramics melded with today’s increased advancements in the use of artistically created sculptured pieces.

Masters study courses also offer exploration of various interdisciplinary topics in ceramics arts. These include:
. Materials
. Intersections of methods
. Shared methods
. Critical discourse of AIADO, sculpture, performance, materials and fibers

The Finishing Touch to a Career
At SAIC, the accent for studies in ceramics in Masters Programs is providing a staff of highly trained professionals who impart the quality and significance of ceramics in arts, culture and society.

In this way, completion of the Masters Programs in ceramics allows graduates to enter the world of ceramics professionals expediently. For more details on Masters programs for ceramics at SAIC or to enroll, visit,