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Expand your Career with a Master of Design Degree

The design sector is like many other industrial areas that are moving towards those with a master’s degree enjoying greater earning potential and employment stability. The creative process plays a role in the work you are completing but the ability to express your opinion and design vision in the correct way will be made simple by our master’s program. Collaboration is key to the design process in the 21st-century with our extensive studios providing you with the perfect location to experience as much of the collaborative experience as possible.

Show you Passion for Design

Choosing to work on a Master of Design at our school will allow your current and future employers to understand your passion for design. By completing your Master of Design program you will make yourself more employable with most employers seeing a master’s degree and other advanced courses as a must for their most trusted employees in the 21st-century. You will also find your understanding of the ideas and theories of design that are found throughout different sectors that make you an expert in your chosen area of interest.

Explore the Opportunities of Teaching

When you choose to study for a master’s degree in the design sector you will be given the chance to explore the opportunities on offer in different employment areas. One of the opportunities you will find open to you will be that of teaching that can be a great way of expanding your career in the future. Contact the School of Art Institute of Chicago to learn more about master’s programs.