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3 Things to Consider When Teaching the Holocaust to Middleschoolers

Teaching Holocaust to middle schoolers is a challenging task. It is a sensitive topic that requires a delicate approach. However, it is also an important topic that needs to be addressed in schools to ensure that students understand the gravity of the situation and the importance of tolerance and acceptance. Here are three tips to consider when teaching the Holocaust to middle schoolers.

It is Essential to Provide Context

Middle schoolers may not comprehensively understand the events that led to the Holocaust. It is crucial to start by giving an overview of the historical events. This will help students ground their understanding in the context in which the Holocaust occurred and the conditions that allowed it to happen.

Use Age-Appropriate Materials

The subject matter can be overwhelming for young students, and using materials appropriate for their age group is essential. This can include graphic novels, picture books, and documentaries tailored to their level of understanding. It is also important to remember the language used when discussing the Holocaust. Avoid using graphic details that may be too disturbing for the students.

Encourage Dialogue, and Critical Thinking

Students need to be able to ask questions and explore their thoughts and feelings about the Holocaust. Encourage students to participate in group discussions and debates that allow them to share their perspectives and engage in critical thinking. This will help them develop empathy and understanding of the events that occurred during the Holocaust.


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