3 Careers to Consider With an MFA in Fashion, Body, and Garment from SAIC

by | Oct 4, 2023 | Art And Design

If you’re in love with fashion and everything it entails, a Master of Fine Arts in Fashion, Body and Garment degree could elevate your skills and help you cultivate the career of your dreams. In fact, earning this degree could open many doors to success in the fashion world. Below are a few examples of careers you could pursue with this type of education.

Fashion Designer

When pursuing a career in fashion design, it’s important to be exceptionally skilled at designing clothes. However, the skills you learn from SAIC are not merely about how to sketch, stitch, and sew. You also benefit from investigating fashion in how it relates to community, sustainability, technology, and the fashion industry. SAIC’s unique curriculum gives students a competitive advantage.

Fashion Blogger

Writing about fashion can allow you to share your extensive knowledge with your audience. It can also give you a sense of meaning and purpose to write about a topic you care deeply about. Besides this, you can explore your dreams from an internal viewpoint and still feel on top of the fashion world.


Rather than designing clothes, a stylist helps choose what others wear to promote their image, style, and individuality. This career can be exciting and upbeat, and for many, it allows their creativity to flow freely.

Earning an MFA in Fashion, Body, and Garment from SAIC can be a great way to step into the fashion industry. With this prestigious education, you can find a rewarding career that genuinely fits you and your style. Contact the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to learn more about their Department of Fashion Design programs.

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